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Roadworthy Certificates

Roadworthy Certificate is a proof that is needed in certain situations. It proves that your vehicle is safe to be driven on the road. You need a roadworthy certificate when you plan to:

  • Sell or buy a registered vehicle
  • re-register an unregistered vehicle
  • transfer the ownership of a vehicle or
  • transfer the registration of a vehicle from another state 

It is designed according to the guidelines issued by the Department of Transport and you get thsi certificate after your vehicle has passed the roadworthy test. 

We conduct roadworthy tests for Roadworthy Certificates for vehicles of all makes and models.


We hardly consider getting tyres checked till they go flat or the tread gets damaged. The tyres take up the weight of the entire vehicle and go through a lot of rough handling on the road. This means they are prone to wear and tear. Any problem with tyres like a flat tyre can put unnecessary stress on the vehicle and may even lead to accidents.

We offer tyre repairs for vehicles of all makes and models to keep you safe on the road.

All mechanical repairs

Steering and Suspension repairs

Optimally working steering and suspension system in a vehicle ensures its proper cornering and road handling. 

We perform steering and suspension repairs to fix all mechanical issues in the systems so that your vehicle gives best performance on the road.

Brake repairs

Brakes need to function properly to ensure safety on the road. The brake pads come with limited lifespan and need to be replaced regularly. And the raking system can also get contaminated due to certain reasons. 

We care about your safety and offer brake repairs for vehicles of all makes and models.

Clutch repairs

Clutch problems can be detected by certain warning signs like improper release, slipping and less engine power getting transferred to the wheels.

We fix all clutch related problems to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Radiator repairs

Properly functioning radiators are important to prevent a vehicle from overheating.

And we perform all radiator related repairs to keep them working in their best conditions.


Pre-purchase inspections

Before buying a second-hand car, getting a Pre-Purchase Inspection done helps you figure out if you’re paying the right amount for the car.This inspection includes checking of the vehicle and taking it for a small road test ti ensure it is in good condition.

We offer pre-purchase inspection services for vehicles of all makes and models.

General vehicle servicing

Servicing helps in keeping a check that all the systems and components of the vehicle are working properly. Any minor issues in any system can be identified and fixed during a general vehicle servicing.

We offer General Vehicle Servicing for all makes and models.

Auto electrical

The auto electrical system can be complex as it keeps continuously monitoring electrical circuits to make sure all components are functioning properly. There are certain warning signs to look out for which can indicate issues with this system. We you see a sign, get your vehicle to us.

We offer auto electrical repairs and services for vehicles of all makes and models.

Engine tune

Any issues with the engine can cause serious damage to the vehicle. It can lead to a number of issues including an increase in fuel consumption. Engine needs to be checked regularly and the vehicle should be brought to a mechanic as soon as you see any signs of engine damage.

We offer engine tune services for vehicles of all makes and models.

Scan tool/EFI diagnosis

The electronic systems in today’s vehicles make detection of even the minor faults easier. EFI diagnosis helps in detecting any faults that may not be physically visible so that the repairs can be made before any issue gets big.

We offer EFI system diagnosis for vehicles of all makes and models.. 

Manufacturer log book services

The log book services are needed to maintain a vehicle’s warranty and are performed during the warranty period of the vehicle. 

No matter what the make and model of your vehicle is, it needs regular servicing to run in its best condition. 

We offer Logbook Services to ensure that your vehicle is functioning in its best condition.

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