Tyre Repairs

Your vehicle’s tyres go through a lot of rough handling everyday and take up the entire weight of your vehicle.

Any issues with tyres like a flat tyre can put unnecessary stress on the vehicle and may even lead to accidents.

Jimboomba Autocare offers tyre repairs for vehicles of all makes and models.

We usually don’t consider getting a tyre repair or service done till the tyres go flat or the tread gets damaged. But like any other parts, the tyres also need regular checks and maintenance.

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Signs your tyres need to be checked

When it comes to tyre issues, here are a few warning signs to look out for:

Cracks, bulges or punctures on the tyre

When the tyres get damaged due to impact, they can form cracks, bulges or punctures. These problems can seem minor but need urgent repairs. A tyre with minute puncture at the centre can be repaired easily, while any punctures on the outer edges may lead you to get a replacement.

Vibration or sounds when driving

Vehicles do vibrate and produce some sounds on rough roads. Over time, we get familiar with these so it is not difficult to notice any unusual behaviour. If your vehicle is constantly vibrating or producing a strange sound, it may be time to get teh tyres checked.

Pressure issues

Pressure issues can be caused by both over and under-inflation of tyres. Over inflated tyres can reduce traction and can even lead to bursting. Under inflated tyres can cause wear on the outside edges of tread. They can also cause overheating and issues with fuel mileage of the vehicle. 

Less tread depth of the tyre/tyres

Tread patterns of the tyres cause the tyres to get a better grip of the surface, especially when you’re driving on a slippery surface like sand, mud or water. The tyres of a vehicle are anyway prone to general wear but the tread depth should be maintained above 1.6mm at all times. If you feel the tread depth is decreased, get your vehicle to us for a check up.

If you notice any of these symptoms, you know it is time to visit the mechanic for a tyre check.


Clients are fully updated and notified with service


Clients are fully updated and notified with service


Clients are fully updated and notified with service

Choose Jimboomba Autocare for tyre repairs

Experts at Jimboomba Autocare perform tyre repairs for vehicles of all makes and models. Any repairs and replacements, minor or major, we do it all!

Our mechanics, equipped with the latest tools and with the skills, are here to give youthe best tyre repairs.

Expert mechanics for tyre repairs

Professional mechanics at Jimboomba Autocare are experienced, highly skilled and trained to repair and replace tyres of all kinds of vehicles, of all makes and models. Your vehicle is handled with utmost care and the required tyre repairs and replacements are done only by the professionals.

We can also help you with some tips on how to maintain the tyres and keep them running properly for longer.

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction

Serving you the best is our priority. At Jimboomba, we offer high-quality services, repairs and replacements at reasonable prices to ensure customer satisfaction. We are available to address any concerns and any doubts you may have. 

We offer efficient tyre Repairs

With experience and training comes efficiency. Our expert mechanics, with their skills and training, perform all tyre repairs and services with efficiency. This means that your vehicle will be fixed in a shorter time and you won’t have to go through much inconvenience. 

At Jimboomba Autocare, we work diligently to deliver you timely and efficient services.

Get your tyre repairs done at Jimboomba Autocare.