General vehicle servicing

All kinds of vehicles require servicing after specific intervals at time to ensure they’re functioning in the best conditions. 

At Jimboomba Autocare, we offer General Vehicle Servicing for various makes and models.

Timely servicing helps in keeping a check that all the systems and components of the vehicle are working properly. During a general service, any minor issues in any system can also be identified and fixed before the problem gets bigger.

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Warning signs that mean your vehicle may need servicing

If it’s been a while since your last car service and you start noticing any of these signs, get your car to us for service.

Warning lights are illuminated

Warning lights coming up is probably the most obvious sign that your vehicle needs to be inspected. Often we tend to ignore when the warning lights come up because we assume it would be a minor issue. But by ignoring them, you may be risking the systems and components and may also have to get heavy repairs later. The best thing to do is get your car checked as soon as you notice any warning light coming up. Even if the issue is minor, it can be fixed at an early stage before it damages any system and costs you heavy repairing.

Vehicle starts shaking or vibrating when driving

Your vehicle is designed to give you a smooth driving experience on a normal road. If it starts shaking or vibrating on a smooth road, it is a definite sign of a problem. This symptom can be caused by various kinds of minor or major problems. To figure out what is wrong with the vehicle and get it repaired at once, it is best to take your car to the mechanic if it starts shaking or vibrating.

Vehicle making strange sounds

Vehicles do make specific noises when you’re driving. However, it is not difficult to notice if it starts making any strange sound. Any unfamiliar noises made by your car could be an indication of a problem. If you hear any squealing, grinding or any other unusual noises, get your vehicle checked at once. The earlier the issue gets identified, the less costly will be the repairs.

Vehicle starts stalling when accelerated

Accelerating the vehicle should be a smooth experience. If your vehicle starts stalling when you’re trying to accelerate, it is an indication of a problem in the system. Your fuel line may be clogged or the spark plugs may be in need of replacement. The mechanic can detect the exact problem and fix whatever the issue is.

Fuel mileage is decreased

A vehicle working in its best condition will be fuel efficient. If you notice that the fuel mileage is decreased and your vehicle suddenly starts using up more fuel to cover the same distance, it means that some parts or components are not working properly. It also gets heavy on the pocket as you need to keep refuelling more often. Get your vehicle checked at once to fix the parts that are not working properly and save money on fuel.


Clients are fully updated and notified with service


Clients are fully updated and notified with service


Clients are fully updated and notified with service

Why do you need regular car servicing?

Of course, regular car servicing ensures that your car is working efficiently and is in its best condition. But there are other added benefits to it.

Save money with regular servicing

Regular servicing helps in identifying any parts that are in potential danger of damage. These issues can be fixed before the problem becomes big and damage any systems, which can later cost you heavy repairs.

Get help with insurance

If your vehicle gets severely damaged in an accident, the service record can be used to determine its value and get help with insurance. Regular servicing ensures that your car is well-maintained and its current value can be determined by checking the record.

Increase the value of your vehicle.

A well-maintained service record acts as a proof that your vehicle is functioning in its best condition. This can add value to the vehicle if you wish to sell it.

Our professional mechanics at Jimboomba Autocare perform all kinds of vehicle servicing and repairing.

Book your general vehicle servicing with Jimboomba Autocare today.