Mechanical Repairs

Mechanics at Jimboomba Autocare are experienced, trained and skilled to perform all mechanical repairs.

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All mechanical repairs at Jimboomba Autocare

Steering and Suspension repairs

The steering system of a vehicle controls the direction of the vehicle. It is essential for the steering system to work properly so that the vehicle is safe on the road.

The suspension needs to work properly so that the vehicle can maintain contact with the road at all times so for a smooth driving experience.

Properly working steering and suspension systems ensures proper cornering and road handling of the vehicle. 

Expert mechanics at Jimboomba Autocare perform steering and suspension repairs to fix all mechanical issues. We give our best performance to ensure the best performance of your car on the road.

Brake repairs

The braking system needs to be working properly at all times for safety reasons. Any vehicle having issues due to improper functioning of the braking system must not be driven on the road as it can be dangerous for your life.

Baking system can get contaminated because of moisture reacting with the components. The brake pads are also prone to regular wear and tear and should be replaced during certain intervals of time.

At Jimboomba, we care about your safety. We inspect your braking system and make the necessary repairs.

Clutch repairs

The clutch has a limited lifespan and requires replacement. Although, sometimes it can wear out prematurely due to a number of reasons. One of the reasons may be that you’re engaging the clutch pedal more than required if you drive your vehicle too frequently. 

Clutch problems can be figured by a number of signs like improper release, slipping and less engine power getting transferred to the wheels.

Our mechanics at jimboomba fix all clutch related problems to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly.

Radiator repairs

Radiators in vehicles help in cooling the engine when it gets too hot. It is an important mechanism as it prevents overheating of the engine so it doesn’t get damaged.  

Our mechanics at Jimboomba Autocare perform all radiator related repairs so that it keeps working in its best condition.


Clients are fully updated and notified with service


Clients are fully updated and notified with service


Clients are fully updated and notified with service

Choose Jimboomba Autocare for mechanical repairs

Experts at Jimboomba Autocare perform mechanical repairs for vehicles of all makes and models. Any repairs and replacements, minor or major, we do it all!

Our mechanics, equipped with the latest tools and with the skills, are here to give your vehicle the best treatment.

Expert mechanics for mechanical repairs

Professional mechanics at Jimboomba Autocare are experienced, highly skilled and trained to repair all mechanical components of vehicles of all makes and models. Your vehicle is handled with utmost care and the required repairs and replacements are done only by the professionals.

We can also help you with some tips on how to maintain the parts of your vehicle and keep them functioning properly for longer.

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction

Serving you the best is our priority. At Jimboomba, we offer high-quality services, repairs and replacements at reasonable prices to ensure customer satisfaction. We are available to address any concerns and any doubts you may have. 

We offer efficient Car Repairs

With experience and training comes efficiency. Our expert mechanics, with their skills and training, perform all mechanical repairs with efficiency. This means that your vehicle will be fixed in a shorter time and you won’t have to go through much inconvenience. 

At Jimboomba Autocare, we work diligently to deliver you timely and efficient services.

Get your mechanical repairs done at Jimboomba Autocare.